Yo, this is Tayles here.

I've just been banned until New Years, that sucks!

Soon though, I will return,

And spam like no man has ever spammed before!!


Talk to Tayles here Edit

Emperor_Jackal: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA Thought I'd just get that out my system. Why'd you get banned?

Tayles: Check my profile, i got banned because of a stupid shock site, ITS NOT LIKE I TOLD ANYONE TO GO ON IT!

O RLY? - Masamune Date

Frutol - YAY we can discuss bans here!!! (musician doesn't have his mod powers here)

Emperor_Jackal: Yay lets gossip! I swear Fura hates me, she gave me a ban about porn I did not post and the post reference led to a non-existence post. 'Nuff said.

Tayles: Same here musician was a right cunt for that though, 60 DAYS, i just xpected a warning at most, MOD POWER ABUSE

/Signed - Masamune Date

Yo! Tayles is my homeboy!!