A type of strategy applied by rival guilds and sometimes by individual empires to break down another empire's economy and livelihood to evoke the disbanding of the guild (and moving out of the local vicinity of space) or the potential assimiliation of the weaker empire into another guild.

Some typical actions that lead to laying siege to another empire/guild:

  • Take over bases, pillage them and hold them with very strong fleets. (Leviathans,Dreadnoughts, etc.)
  • Pirate trade routes to reduce the net empire economy, hindering the person's under attack the ability to produce enough fleet to stop the enemy.
  • Successfully cut off occupied bases from rescue attempts by supporting guilds or empires from the same guild.
  • Can be used a form of attrition, submitting the enemy to surrender. It is known to work for the weak minded.
  • Cut off the player from their guild by way of occupation of their local Jump Gate.

Keep in mind that there is a drawback to extended siege occupations. Smaller guilds not involved in the siege may find sympathy with the weaker guild/empire and may revolt or build sympathetic alliances to fight back. Another drawback is the guild under attack may try to help the player. This is why many people try not to seige outside of war. This is smart because some guilds may not want too start one becaus a aplayer tn that guild does'ent have enugh credits for what ever reason they need them.