Astro Empires currently has 29 servers (28 operational; 1 defunct). New servers are opened every six months. The most recent being Jade, and the first server being Alpha which opened on the 20th May 2006. At it's peak, Astro Empires had over 40,000 unique players spread across all their servers. The player base currently stands at 26,000.    


Version 1.5 Version 2.0

Version 1.5  

Server Versions: Edit

There are three different versions of Astro Empires, two of which are currently in use. The third version, the Astro Empires Speed Server, has been defunct since 2015 when the last round was hosted. The Speed Server has never officially been disbanded or annouced that it would no long be used.    

Version 1.5

Version 1.5 is longest running version of Astro Empires, it applies to servers from Alpha to Sigma. Alpha is considered the de facto version 1.0, being the first server created it has gone through the most major updates since the games creation. 1.5 is considered to have been introduced after major updates to Alpha became less common. Version 1.5 uses the old 'Circular' Galaxy system in Astro Empires, with the exception of Nova through Sigma which use the new 'Spiral' Galaxy.    

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 brought some slight changes to the games mechanics: A 'Fleet Maintenance' fee was introduced to encourage players to become more actively engaged with the game, the cost of recruiting new 'Base Commanders' was significantly reduced & the cost of bases was increased. All version 2.0 servers use the 'Spiral Galaxy'.    

Galaxy Structure:  Edit

By default, all servers initially only contain thirty Galaxies (00 - 29) which can be increased depending on how many players join the server.

Jade is the smallest server, having only the default thirty galaxies. Epsilon is the largest server in terms of Galaxy count, containing ninety galaxies (E00 - E89)