Research Labs
Item research-labs
Product Information
Credits2 credits(1st Level)
Technical Specifications
Energy Cost-1
Area Cost-1

Each lab level increases base research capacity by 6, this allows the research of additional technologies on that base, as well as allowing research to raise the level of existing technologies.

Research Labs allows an individual Empire to grow by increasing your technology levels which in tern increases your construction ability, production ability, defense strength, and boosts the combat abilities of your fleet.

Many structures, and most fleet vessels, require a minimum level of one or more technologies before they can be created.  Additionally some technologies require other technology levels before they may be researched.

If two bases each have 20 research labs, you can form a research link. This adds the research level of the two bases and applies it to the first base. You need to research Tachyon Communications to form this link.

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