Music mod

Retired Moderator


Trash Talk / Off Game




Jun 07


Musician is an ex-Mod who moderated the forums of Trash Talk and Off Game.

He himself admitted that one of the reasons that he became a mod is so he wouldn't be warned anymore. He was disappointed as he was warned on a regular basis.

Retirement Edit

Musician retired from moderation on January the 31st, 2008, reasons being he was moving to another country and didn't have time to moderate a forum. He was replaced by Cookiemonster who temporarily took the alias of Edwin to trick the other Trash Talkers.

Musician does still come on the forums, but rarely does. He recently posted hentai porn and got his account deleted, he has since been using aliases with his friend Myspace Junky to enrouse the people in Trash Talk.

Musician was forced to go into hiding, hence the excuse of "moving," because he discovered that the GOONion guilds were actually a international pedophile ring. In the near future, Musician is expected to offer testimony that might result in the incarceration-for-life of the majority of GOON members across all servers.