Metal Refineries
Item metal-refineries
Product Information
Credits1 credit
Technical Specifications
Energy Cost-1 per level
Area Cost-1
Advanced StructureNone
RequiresMetal Resource(Nil)

Metal is a resource.With different Metals,strong alloys for armour can be made For each level of Metal Refineries you build your Construction and Production will raise by the value of Metal on your planet. Planets can have between 1 and 3 Metal depending on the Astro type you choose. Your Economy will also raise by 1 credit an hour per level.

Airan360's DescriptionEdit

The metal refinery is the basic base structure for production and construction on each astro. Upgraded and limited player's usually build these structures in high quantities because of the production, construction, and economic values, not to mention that you can build as many as you want with enough area, population, and energy.

Metal Refineries give off a production and construction value that is equal to the planets metal value. So if the astro has a metal value of 2, then the metal refinery will give off +2 production and construction for each level. However, the economic value will always be +1 per level, regardless of the astro's metal count. Which sounds small, but when built into higher levels, gives off an "OK" economy. 

DO NOT rely soley on these structures for economy because there economic value is low when compaired to other economic structures.

Explenation video --> Astro Empires: Short Info Videos | Metal Refineries   

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