Ikari mod

Super Moderator




Nov 07


Ikari is a Super Moderator on the AstroEmpires Forum. As a Super moderator he does not have any specific boards and heads up the Moderation team. He used to look after the Delta servers Politics and War, Guild Recruitment, Trade Routes and Tavern boards before becoming Super Moderator and handing it over to Crimsan.

Ikari is know for his phails at funny reasons for giving warnings. Since that option has been removed, his new craze to stay known amongst AE is to get his multis (inhabitants of Trash Talk) to take the rip out of his avatar. Of course the only people he is known by is the TTers, who are actually him.

Ikari also fails at locking threads[1] . He once supposedly locked one at page 1 and it even managed to get to page 2.

Ikari also edits the wiki, under the name of Butch-cassidy.


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