Item command-centers
Command Centers are a form of defense for your base. However, they DO NOT directly increase your bases defense numbers. Instead they provide several special features for your empire which boost your ability to counter-attack enemy fleets on your base and can increase the base construction, production, research and even jump gate power.

First, each level of your fleets in orbit has its' Attack Power is raised by 5%. This is very helpful when you are attempting to free your base from occupation.

Second, having Command Centers allows you to recruit a Base Commander whose skill area and level of proficiency will provide added bonuses in Defense, Tactics, Logistics, Production, Research or Construction.

Finally, each level of Command Center you have in your empire raises the number of enemy bases you can Occupy by 1. Without CCs you will be unable to hold enemy bases.


  • Computer 6
  • The initial CC costs 20 credits, additional levels are more expensive.

Benefits Edit

  • Increases base fleet attack power by 5% per level of CC

Note that this increase is done on your effective attack power level. So if you have a Level 20 weapons tech (which doubles your initial power level) a level 5 CC would give you 25% boost on the doubled amount. It is NOT the same as adding the weapons tech % and the CC %'

  • Increases possible occupations by 1 per level of CCs in your empire
  • Allows you to station a Base Commander to boost your Defense, Logistics, Production, Research or Construction ability.