A Base Commander is a feature one can add to a base which gives bonuses depending on the skill area that the commander is trained in.

Commander Bonuses Edit

Once you have built at least one level of Command Centres, you can recruit a Base Commander whose skill area and level of proficiency will provide added bonuses in areas of:

  • Defence - A 1% per level bonus to base defence power
  • Tactical - A 1% per level bonus to fleet attack power
  • Logistics - A 1% per level bonus to fleet movement speed
  • Production - A 1% per level decrease in base fleet production times
  • Construction - An 1% per level decrease in construction cost for base structures and defences.
  • Research - An 1% per level decrease in cost required to complete research activities.

One can have multiple base commanders residing in a given base/astro, but only ONE commander can be the active commander and thus only one bonus can be collected for a given base, no matter how many commanders are present.

Advantages of Base Commanders Edit

The advantages of base commanders at early levels of empire development may seem small, but when production, construction or research queues reach the order of hundreds of hours, each hour saved adds up. Likewise in terms of defences and tactical advantages - Astro defences can do more with less fleet and defence structures with the presence of an appropriate base commander.

Base Commander Creation and Cost Edit

Creation of a new commanders is simply a matter of clicking on the "Recruit a new Commander" button at the bottom of the Commanders screen.

The maximum number of Commanders you may create is controlled by the Computer Technology level.

"Each level allows one campaign fleet and the recruiting of one commander."

When you create a commander you must choose his skill. Once created his skill cannot be changed. If you find that you have created too many commanders of one skill it is possible to "disband" them, just like bases, ships and fleets. However, since they have names, that seems a bit insensitive.

The cost of creating and upgrading a Commander is different for AE Versions 1.5 and 2.0

Currently the costs are:

Version 1.5 - New Commander creation costs 25 Experience points or 50 Credits. Each additional level of training costs twice as much.

Version 2.0 - New Commander creation costs 20 Experience points or 40 Credits. Each additional level of training cost 50% more.

Base Commander Training Edit

Each level of proficiency training for a base commander takes 8 hours of game time for him to study. Training "courses" can be bought using experience points (from battle activity) or with credits. The option of paying for training from experience points rewards empires who are active in battle, while those with thriving, active economies can also benefit from base commanders even if they are less active on the battle fronts.

Base commanders can only be trained in one discipline, so choose wisely when you first recruit your base commanders.

Lower level training is inexpensive in Version 1.5 but becomes excessive after a few levels. For example training from level 8 to 9 costs 6,400 Experience Points. The costs grow MUCH more slowly in Version 2.0. A level 8 to 9 training is only 513 Exp. Pts.

Assigning and Removing A Base Commander Edit

Each base may have only one Commander assigned as the Base Commander. Other commanders may "park" on the base, however they serve no purpose except as standby assignments. Any commander who is parked on the base may be assigned as the Base Commander by clicking on the Assign Duty tab listed under the desired commanders information page.

Once assigned a Base Commander MUST remain on the base, and in charge, for 48 hours. After that time he may be removed from his duties, and another commander assigned as Base Commander if desired.

Moving Commanders Edit

To move a commander simply click on the Move tab in the commanders information page. You must remove the Base Commander from his assigned duty before you can move him elsewhere. However, he cannot be removed from his Base Commander post for 48 hours after his assignment. Parked commanders can move at any time.

Commanders move at the speed of a scout, although no scout is needed to transport them. Jump gate speed increases apply, as do Logistics Commander boosts. This is something to remember when you consider disbanding a base. You probably want to transfer all commanders on site before you remove your logistics commander from Base Command. If you leave the commanders on base when it is disbanded they remain on the astro, but they can still be transferred. However they are now without Jump Gate, so it will be slow.

Losing A Base Commander Edit

Every time that a base is pillaged, there is a small risk (about 10%), that any commanders on the base, assigned or not, will be killed. Also multiple commanders can be killed by a single pillage. This is an expensive risk when one has built up a very high-level base commander and thousands of credits/XP are spent in their training. So moving inactive commanders to secure bases makes sense whenever there is a threat of attack and occupation.

Notification of the commander's death is given with the battle results. Both the attacker and defender see this information, so it is something of an ego boost for attacking players if they managed to kill a commander. They had no way of knowing he was there when they attacked.

Deceased commanders are the only reference in the game to actual casualties. Some players list them on their ID page as a kind of memorial.

Some Thoughts on Base Commanders Edit

Base commanders can be swapped out and transported between astros so it isn't necessary to have one of each kind present on your astro.

When initially created Commanders are in a kind of limbo (perhaps in school?) and it takes ten minutes to transport them to their first base regardless of the location. They can be trained while awaiting transfer, and they cannot be attacked, so it is a good idea to train them to a reasonable level before sending them into harms way.

When you assign a base commander he MUST remain in command for 48 hours. So don't think you can swap them around willy nilly. And remember that he is effectively trapped on this base until you can demote him.

The game assigns commander names when they are created, and these are usually male names. You can rename them, so if you want female commanders go for it. You can also assign titles, ranks, nicknames and awards if you like.

At this time commanders can only be assigned as Base Commanders, It appears as though there might have been plans to allow them to command fleets, and perhaps other operations, but this has not happened - yet.

Some people argue that assigning some base commanders is a waste of time. However getting a 5 or 10 percent boost in your construction or production is nothing to belittle, and no one has said that Logistics or Tactical Commanders are silly.

I have found one scheme to be very beneficial:

  • Have one high-level construction skill commander so that you can move him to new bases to speed up construction queues and get the base up and running in a much faster time.
  • Devote specific astros for "research" and post a research skilled commander to boost research queues.
  • Devote specific astros for "production" or ship-building and post a production skilled commander to speed up production queues.
  • Build a "gateway" astro which will host a high-level jumpgate and a logistics skilled commander to help yourself and your guild with high-speed inter-galaxy transport and mobilization.

Tactical vs. Defense Skills Edit

Both help in defending one's astro but in different ways; the benefit of one is exclusive of the other.

  • The Defense skill is helpful if you've invested a lot in base defenses such as turrets, shields and rings. This commander's benefit is seen only when you are attacked. Thus you would normally place a defense commander in command of a base which you thought was at risk of attack.
  • The Tactical skill helps if you have a substantial fleet stationed at your astro as the tactical bonus applies only to fleet attack power and not defences present on the base. Thus his benefit is applied if you counter attack, something you usually do on an occupied base.
  • Remember that these commanders are at risk if the base is pillaged. This includes both the base commander and any other commanders who are on the base. Pillaging can be done every 24 hours, so it is a good idea to move defense commanders, and any others, elsewhere if your base is occupied and you install a Tactical commander to assist with your base freeing attacks.